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Martial Arts Dartmouth, MA

Absolute Martial Arts is dedicated to enriching the lives of its students and community through martial arts training and principles. Children develop the confidence needed to overcome bullies and peer pressure and are taught to be respectful of others so they do not become the bully themselves.  Our students can perform and demonstrate, on demand, the skills that we teach them whether that be in a self-defense situation or competition!

Motivation, encouragement, and honor are only some of the values at the core of Absolute Martial Arts. Therefore, through hard work, dedication, and determination each student trains with pride and has the intense drive to finish what they begin. They develop an incomparable sense of accomplishment as they make every effort to truly earn their belts, their privileges, and the respect for self as well as the respect of others.

Absolute Martial Arts takes the lessons learned within the training area and applies them into all aspects of the student’s life. With this in mind, we monitor their school grades, promote regular exercise along with a healthier diet, and frequently discuss at home behavior with parents.

Martial Arts Dartmouth, MA