My son has been involved with Absolute Martial Arts since he was four. I have watched him grow into a more confident,outgoing boy both physically and mentally through the teachings of Instructor Bruce Sylvia and his staff of coaches. I feel like part of a family rather than just a tuition check at AMA. The whole school embraces you and your children as one and strives for collective support as a team. As a Health Educator, one of my favorite qualities of the AMA is the monthly lessons on Character Education. Students today are pushed to focus on standardized tests, and as educators, we are forced to push aside the moral lessons that WE grew up with as children. General respect for self and others has suffered because of this. It is refreshing to me, both as a parent and and educator to see these lessons as part of the whole experience in Taekwondo. I would highly recommend any parent who is considering an education in martial arts for their child to visit AMA- you won't be disappointed.

Kady Plante-Szady April 14, 2016

I love ama me and my son both attend. Its a very pleasant environment and a fun place for you and your little one to meet new and fun people and its a great learning environment. This school goes against bulling and teaches self worth self control and respect and in the summer here is also a camp as well. We have fun and we enjoy it.

Carlos Benise April 14, 2016

Our two boys, ages 7 and 5 have been involved with Martial Arts, specifically Tae Kwon Do, for a period of 3 & 2 years. Bruce Sylvia has been instructing our boys for that period of time. During the course of their participation in Tae Kwon Do, we’ve seen a positive change in their interactions with peers, and their approach to learning new things. Tae Kwon Do and Bruce Sylvia have taught our children respect, self-discipline, self-control, as well as self-esteem. This physical skill my boys are learning will help them excel in future sports programs. We have also found that Bruce Sylvia promotes personal values while teaching effective self-defense tactics and techniques. Our sons are thriving in the program and we couldn't be more thrilled. This is due to Bruce Sylvia and his instruction. Bruce Sylvia has been dedicated and committed to teaching and instructing. He has displayed confidence in his ability to teach new concepts to children. He has been patient with the children and has given them the chance to learn. He has afforded the children the opportunity to grow with their Tae Kwon Do ability at a level they are comfortable with. Bruce Sylvia has treated our children with respect, in turn teaching them how to respect others. Both of our children talk highly of Instructor Bruce and look up to him, he has been a role model for our children. We would highly recommend Bruce Sylvia and his capability to instruct in the Martial Art of Tae Kwon Do. Thank you Instructor Bruce.

Mark and Kim Costa April 14, 2016

Bruce Sylvia has been my son's Tae Kwon Do instructor since he started about two and a half years ago.

Layne was permitted to start younger than most (he was under four at the time), and Instructor Bruce did a great job of keeping his focus and attention on Tae Kwon Do in spite of participating at such a young age. Not only did Instructor Bruce keep his focus, but he made it an enjoyable event for Layne several times a week.

Tae Kwon Do did wonders for my child's self confidence, and Instructor Bruce was a huge part of this. Layne is now about to turn six years old, is a high brown belt, and his love for Tae Kwon Do and desire to achieve a black belt is a direct result of Instructor Bruce's teaching methods.

Eric Browning April 14, 2016

Our son has attended TKD for the past two and half years. During this time we have watched our son mature; become more well mannered & disciplined. We feel this is largely attributed to the teaching and oversight of Instructor Bruce during our sons TKD sessions. Instructor Bruce was motivating during every session; he was always empowering the students to do their best. His level of energy, focus and ability to generate enthusiasm has been a contributing factor to the building of a strong moral foundation for our child. We would strongly recommend Instructor Bruce to work with children. We also feel his ability to create a positive and inspiring curriculum will be a winning combination for future students of TKD.

Rob Niebauer & Jill Robles April 14, 2016

I have known Bruce Sylvia Jr. for three years. We first met in 2006 when my husband and I decided to enroll our kids into a Taekwondo school in the area.

In that time, Bruce has been such a mentor to my kids. He has taught them discipline and how to have more respect for not only themselves but others as well. Bruce was there from day one of my daughters TKD training and making sure that he was there when my daughter received her 1st Poom black belt which meant the world to not only her but me as well.

He is a very hard working, caring, athletic, and a smart person to know. He has exceptional respect and values that he passes onto each and every student he teaches. He believes in all his students and pushes them to their potential and sometimes beyond. He allows students to believe in themselves. He does not let them give up. I am happy to know Bruce Sylvia Jr, and I would be happy to follow him in his new venture.

I would be happy to provide further information if needed.

Marilyn Shea April 14, 2016

Any school is only as good as the teachers within that school. With that said, Instructor Bruce Sylvia Jr. has been, in my opinion, an excellent teacher and if afforded the opportunity would run an excellent school of his own. I’ve known Instructor Bruce now since August of 2006. I was immediately struck by not only his vast knowledge of the martial arts, but also his ability to convey that knowledge to others effectively.

After observing him these past years I’ve come to admire his patience with the small children, the way he interacts with the teen-agers, and his ability to make the adults more at ease with the classes. He has a talent of working well with students of all ages, and it’s easy to see he enjoys his work.

Each of his classes is new and innovative. He uses everything at his disposal to keep the students interested and challenged. He possesses a natural ease in making new students feel welcome. His personality is such that all the students admire and emulate him.

I often say that the best thing I’ve ever done for my son Hayden was to enroll him in a martial arts school. Hayden has been trained by Instructor Bruce from white belt to black belt. He was demanding and challenging throughout the training, yet something about their relationship moved Hayden to always try harder. He was inspired by Instructor Bruce in particular one summer when they got to spend more time one on one together. He acquired a new attitude about his training once he realized that it continued even when he walked out the door of the school. Instructor Bruce talked to him about nutrition and exercise, and about doing well in school and how important it was to keep up good grades. He continually supported his achievements in school rewarding good grades with public praise, and encouraging him to continue on that course. He taught him how to set goals for himself so that no task was too difficult. He continues to choose Hayden for positions of leadership during class which further promotes his self-assurance. From the ages of 10 to 14, Instructor Bruce helped my son develop from a shy reserved somewhat overweight little boy into a self-confident, respectful and poised young man with a physique to be proud of. I was so inspired by this transformation, that after three and a half years of observing, I decided it was time to participate.

At my age, and with my physical challenges, I was cautious about beginning any new form of exercise. But I put those fears aside and placed my trust in Instructor Bruce and I have been pleasantly rewarded. Upon entering his class, I was nervous first about being injured, and second about making a complete fool of myself. I’ve watched other adults taking class and thought, if they can succeed, so can I. I’ve been training with him for seven months now. I’ve always enjoyed the classes as they are as informative as they are challenging, but I overcame the fear I had of injury as well. He emphasizes the idea that we should each perform to our own best ability, and not compare ourselves to anyone else. That we should always strive to do a little bit more next time, or challenge ourselves in a different way. That no one judges us more harshly than we judge ourselves and if we can satisfy ourselves we have achieved our goal. I have reached several personal goals through his teachings and hope to continue to do so in the future.

His knowledge of all aspects of training from cardio, to strength training, to flexibility, poomse, proper form in implementation of kicks punches and blocks to weapons and choreography is extensive, and he possesses a unique ability to make it all look easy. He makes you want to try, and to succeed. His critique is always respectful, and easily understood. I feel comfortable in his classes, even when I’m the only female, and usually the only Mom. He treats all students equally, and expects and receives their respect in return.

I’m glad I decided to take the initiative and begin my training because I’ve benefitted from his extraordinary teaching abilities, as my son has, and as should others. For four years he has been a positive, steadfast influence in our lives. We both fully support any efforts of Instructor Bruce to further expand his teaching horizons, and look forward to continued success with him as our instructor, and our inspiration. His drive to succeed and ability to overcome are evident in all he undertakes.

Danielle & Hayden Boule April 14, 2016

I think Taekwondo class has enhanced his overall performance in tennis especially. He moved to an advanced class recently and his serve, hitting the ball harder and taking the class more seriously (his effort) has been outstanding. So proud! An only child with no other children in the family, besides school, he needs other outlets like this. Thank you!

Mia Taylor April 14, 2016

My boys have been taking taekwondo at Absolute Martial Arts for almost three years and they love it! Not only does it give them self-confidence, but the strength and stamina they've built up has helped them in other sports. The adult classes are a lot of fun too. Absolute Martial Arts is great for all ages!

Michelle DeGagne April 14, 2016

I presently have 2 kids in training with Instructor Bruce and his staff. My eldest, who is 8, started training with Instructor Bruce in January, 2008 – she was 3 at that time, and Instructor Bruce was working with another organization. My youngest is 5 now, and started a year ago. Besides all the physical benefits of Taekwondo, like improved agility, coordination, and strength – both my kids started to demonstrate character-building traits such as integrity, honesty, self-confidence, forgiveness, honor, and self-control during the first year being involved with Taekwondo. My daughter is now a red belt, and continues to be enthusiastic about the sport after 4 ½ years. She is also playing indoor soccer this winter. The number of classes offered at Absolute for her age and belt level make it possible for her to play competitive soccer also – she's been involved with both soccer and Taekwondo for a couple of years now. When my son first started, It took about 4 weeks for him to make it through an entire class without finding a reason to come out of class sobbing (stubbed toe, someone pushed him, had to go to the bathroom, etc,). Bruce and the other instructors were very patient and encouraging though. He's been at the school for over a year now, and is very proud of his solid yellow belt. The nice thing about this school is that both the instructors and the other students are genuine, friendly and encouraging. I think that's a big reason my kids love going there. They've done a lot of bonding there. Even in the larger classes, kids get a good amount of individual attention; the instructors will go around correcting form and posture, and helping with moves students are having particular difficultly with. There's a good amount of variety in classes; there are classes that focus on curriculum (forms), classes for self-defense, classes with kicking drills, classes for improving sparring technique, classes for improving your conditioning (AKA workout classes), and many more. There is a true community atmosphere there. The school does a lot of community activities - the kids take part in as many extra activities that the school has going on as they can. The school has had countless fundraising events to help those less fortunate – teaching the kids to appreciate what they have, and to show some compassion and help out those who don't have opportunities that they have.

Sharon Skov April 14, 2016

Instructor Bruce is a consummate educator who really knows his stuff. The family atmosphere, coupled with a disciplined yet friendly approach to the martial arts plus flexible schedules and payment plans make it easy for families. In my mind, AMA is the Absolute right choice!

Carl Alves April 14, 2016

I have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Absolute Martial Arts for two years now, and it is an amazing place to train. The school is very clean and organized, and the staff is very polite and friendly. The instructors are amazing and will teach you techniques that apply to sport and self defense. It is an amazing place to learn martial arts, get in shape, and most importantly have fun.

Joseph Mayall April 14, 2016

My fourth living hero is Instructor Bruce. I say this because he is the first person to teach me Taekwondo and he has been there with me thru it all.

When I began Taekwondo as a white belt, Instructor Bruce was easy going on me, but as I moved up in belt level, he got harder and harder on me. He was even hard on me when it came to life at home. If I am misbehaving at home, my Mom or Dad would talk to Instructor Bruce about it and he would pull me aside and talk to me. He has even taken my belt and would not give it back, until my Mom updated him with my behavior at home.

Instructor Bruce has taught me a lot in my three years here at Taekwondo, both physically and mentally. I cannot wait for him to see me test for my Black Belt because I know he believes in me and he knows that I can do it.

It has been a long journey to get to where I am today, and I could not have done it without Instructor Bruce guiding me all the way and being so hard on me.

Angela Shea April 14, 2016